We catch up with Comedian and "The Joker in the Rye Podcast" host, Tim Warner, while he is visiting Syracuse, NY, not far from where we live. Tim left his home in NYC last week to start a new chapter. He is daring to explore the unknown as he embarks on an exciting journey traveling around the United States indefinitely. Tim will be performing comedy, experiencing America, rewriting his story, and manifesting his dreams. Follow what Tim is doing by checking out "The Joker in the Rye Podcast" where he will continue to document his journey.




on social media: iamtimwarner




Tricia just had a rough week dealing with her doctor and the pharmacy getting her ADHD meds filled. She even planned enough buffer time so she wouldn't run out but the doctor screwed up, then sent an illegible prescription so the pharmacy denied it and she had to start over. What a pain!


Nick's Business and Lifestyle Coach, Kevin Hood, joins us to close out our October ADHD series. Kevin was diagnosed with ADHD in the fourth grade. Today, after decades of wilderness immersion, embodied practices, and holistic health, Kevin draws from his life experience to create an immersive and healing learning environment helping to transform the lives of the sensitive leaders, creators and entrepreneurs that he coaches.

email: kevin@kevinhood.me   

website: www.kevinhood.me     

social media (IG/FB):  @anim.movement 



In keeping with October's ADHD theme, we are joined in today's podcast by painter and fellow ADHDer, Jodi Edwards. We had a great time chatting with Jodi and hearing stories about her life and her experience with ADHD. Be sure to check out Jodi's paintings on her website www.JodiEdwards.net.

You can find us at www.NickandTricia.com


We finally had our first guest on the show! In this episode Abby Minor from "The ADHD Manual Podcast" joins us to talk about ADHD. We both really enjoy listening to Abby's podcast, so we thought that since October is ADHD Awareness Month it would be a great time to have her on our show.


Todays topics: ADHD Awareness Month! Trying a new podcast format. Spoiler about a GUEST on our next episode! New office, desks, computer, camera and more! Sold the El Camino. We hired a cleaning lady. Don't forget to subscribe/follow the show and share with your friends!

Oh and check out the cool ADHD/Mental Health coffee mugs Tricia designed on our website!



In this episode we discuss our frustrations with dealing with the same issues over and over. We talk about some strategies for breaking the cycle. Once we are triggered, we usually default to our old ways of dealing with conflict, but we need to try to do things differently in order to change. 


In this episode we talk mostly about being overwhelmed in every aspect of our lives because life is demanding (and we are sensitive). It is especially overwhelming right now because Nick is changing career paths and trying to do what is best for him. Big changes are rarely easy.


EXPLICIT LANGUAGE - Relationships test all of our life skills. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is a symptom of ADHD that we both have. In this episode I (Nick) have a bad RSD moment and we actually had to pause the show so I could regroup. This is a little embarrasing but it is exactly why we do this show in the first place, to break the stigma.


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Talked about our new facebook group, fear of being on camera and much more. We recorded this episode on a GoPro so this episode will also be available on YouTube! The audio quality isn't great because we are riding in a very loud 1984 El Camino, but after a little EQ tweaking I was able to get the engine and road noise down quite a bit. This one was really fun to do and I hope you enjoy.


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