Musician Dave Bellevue joins us to talk about his journey struggling with mental health and anxiety after losing his best friend to suicide. Drawing from his own experience Dave became a story teller for The JED Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. Then Dave saw a need for more mental health resources in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community, so he founded a mental health organization called Swag for Stigma earlier this year. Swag for Stigma's mission is to share relevant BIPOC statistical data, resource information on where to get help, and access to identify therapists who are also BIPOC. Their ultimate goal is to launch the “It Takes a Village” initiative to donate cost-covered therapy sessions and support for under served communities. As we all know, it does take a village! Thanks, Dave! You can find more information at   or   @SwagforStigma on Instagram

Also be sure to check out Dave's band, Oxymorrons (with 2 "R"s) on YouTube.


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In this episode we dive into the subject of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria once again. The show has highs and lows. There are moments when we are unified and moments where we are each triggered. We are not acting. RSD is very much a part of our lives. This ADHD struggle is real.

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In the show Nick talks about an article from Here is the link


We cover a lot of topics in today's show. High school teacher, improv teacher, and podcaster Andy McIntyre joins us to talk about getting sober and dealing with depression. We end up talking about that and more. We touch on what grieving is like during Covid, what his experience has been like teaching during Covid, and we even get into talking about the benefits of doing improv and the power of "Yes, and...".

Be sure to listen to Andy's podcast, "Silver Linings Playback" wherever you listen to podcasts, and check out Andy's improv on

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We always struggle with holidays. This year Thanksgiving was different for us because of Covid-19. We stayed home and had dinner with just the two of us. The holiday season is always a stressful time of year, but this season is already proving to be especially emotional...and we are just getting started.

Grief is something we all experience, yet it is so difficult for many people to talk about. In today's show we move towards this uncomfortable topic and explore the subject of grief with Caron Grossman who is an End of Life and Grief Coach. We chat about the importance of grieving, and we discuss some ways of approaching the conversations and making the space to grieve.

To hear more from Caron Grossman, watch Caron's TED Talk: Permission to Grieve.

We are joined by Becky Ruben-Navarro whose commitment to personal development and self-care, has helped her manage her anxiety and the stresses of life. Becky has many roles including being a mom, a wife, an Employee Benefits Consultant, and a student, yet she also manages to somehow juggle a couple side hustles and do fundraising with "Extra Life" for the Children's Miracle Network. Unbelievable! How does she do it?!

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We catch up with Comedian and "The Joker in the Rye Podcast" host, Tim Warner, while he is visiting Syracuse, NY, not far from where we live. Tim left his home in NYC last week to start a new chapter. He is daring to explore the unknown as he embarks on an exciting journey traveling around the United States indefinitely. Tim will be performing comedy, experiencing America, rewriting his story, and manifesting his dreams. Follow what Tim is doing by checking out "The Joker in the Rye Podcast" where he will continue to document his journey.

on social media: iamtimwarner


Tricia just had a rough week dealing with her doctor and the pharmacy getting her ADHD meds filled. She even planned enough buffer time so she wouldn't run out but the doctor screwed up, then sent an illegible prescription so the pharmacy denied it and she had to start over. What a pain!

Nick's Business and Lifestyle Coach, Kevin Hood, joins us to close out our October ADHD series. Kevin was diagnosed with ADHD in the fourth grade. Today, after decades of wilderness immersion, embodied practices, and holistic health, Kevin draws from his life experience to create an immersive and healing learning environment helping to transform the lives of the sensitive leaders, creators and entrepreneurs that he coaches.



social media (IG/FB):  @anim.movement

In keeping with October's ADHD theme, we are joined in today's podcast by painter and fellow ADHDer, Jodi Edwards. We had a great time chatting with Jodi and hearing stories about her life and her experience with ADHD. Be sure to check out Jodi's paintings on her website

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