We are back from our hiatus, and we tried something a little different for this episode. It was a fun episode. We actually recorded the show while we were on Facebook LIVE in our Facebook Group, “Regular People Talking About Mental Health”. If you would like to check out the video recording of this podcast, we would love to have you join our “Regular People Talking About Mental Health” group on Facebook! Here you can view the video, leave comments, and ask questions, or feel free to engage with the group as much or as little as you want. 

If you have a moment, let us know what you think about our new ideas for the show by sending us a message through Facebook or shooting us an email at NickandTriciapodcast@gmail.com Do you want to watch more LIVE podcast recordings on Facebook? Do you want to hear “stories” about the real life mental health struggles and successes that other people are experiencing? Or do you have your own “story” that you would like to tell? If you are interested in having us share your “story” about your own mental health journey on the podcast, please reach out to us. We would love to give your stories a voice.

As always, thanks for listening. Keep talking!



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