Today we are joined by Superconscious Coach, Patrick Morales, who talks openly about his own mental health journey, and his new business. For years Coach Patrick unconsciously chose anxiety and depression, but then he began to experience freedom when he realized that he had a choice in the emotions that he was experiencing. He realized that by simply choosing to love his life he could shift his frequency out of that low vibration of sadness and depression to a higher vibration of love and acceptance. Coach Patrick is kicking off his coaching business which is designed to teach people how to remove emotions, judgments, inner conflicts, beliefs, and anything else that is causing resistance in their lives and stopping them from creating a life that they love.

You can contact Coach Patrick by heading over to his linktree where you can find all the links to connect with him.

To connect with us, head over to our Facebook group, "Regular People Talking About Mental Health". It is a whole community of regular people sharing about their own experiences with mental health. We would love for you to join us too! See you there. As always, thanks for listening. Keep talking.

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